Add Beauty and Function to Your Yard With Hardscaping

Add Beauty and Function to Your Yard With Hardscaping

Make your property pop with a paver patio installation in Buffalo, NY, Cheektowaga, NY or the surrounding areas

Hardscaping is a term for adding non-living elements into your landscaping. Some examples are walkways, patios, pools and pool decking and water features. All of these add functionality and depth to your outdoor oasis.

At D.A.A.C. Landscaping, we recommend pavers for walkways and patios, rather than concrete. Concrete is prone to cracking, which is difficult to fix, whereas pavers can be repaired easily.

The process for a paver patio installation or walkway installation is fairly straightforward. This is generally how it's done:

  • Clear the area: Remove all grass, shrubs, stumps and roots.
  • Make it level: Use a rake to create a level space.
  • Control weeds: Lay down landscaping fabric to keep weeds out.
  • Create a base: Spread a layer of gravel across the area and tamp it down.
  • Level the base: Use a string-and-board or other method to confirm it's level.
  • Install pavers: Place your pavers as you desire and tap them down.
  • Finish with sand: Add a final layer of sand and brush it between the pavers.

The process may sound simple, but having a professional perform your paver patio installation will ensure a uniform, long-lasting result.

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There are so many options for your re-imagined garden

Whatever your hardscaping needs, D.A.A.C. Landscaping is ready to bring your vision to life. Our landscaping contractors are invested in giving you a great-looking result. Let's work together to create something beautiful.

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